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At KenyaAway we aim to give you a safari experience that will best suit your own particular interests. For us that means avoiding the 'package tour' concept and allowing you, our client, to decide where you go and what you do. Of course, our extensive knowledge of Kenya and its lodges allows us to make recommendations to help you get the best safari possible, but in the end YOU have the final say over your own itinerary and its cost.

KenyaAway is a sub-section of AfricaAway, which is itself a branch of the highly regarded tour operator, The Away Company, noted for quality travel in both Africa and Spain.

“We go to great lengths to plan the smallest details ensuring the highest quality experience for each and every one of our guests.”

Unlike many other tour operators and agents, we are an independent, privately-owned company, with no committment to working with any particular lodge or camp. Hence we are free to construct your itinerary in a totally objective manner, choosing only those destinations that we believe will best suit your personal aspirations. We understand that an African safari, for many of our clients, is a once in a lifetime adventure. We therefore go to great lengths to plan the smallest details ensuring the highest quality experience for each and every one of our guests.


Introducing KenyaAway

Our Safaris

A comprehensive guide to the wide variety of exciting activities you can get up to while on safari in Kenya, together with information on our specialist safaris.

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Find out more about Kenya as a destination, including which regions of the country you can visit and the various attractions and highlights of each National Park and other areas of interest.

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This section will provide you with all the information you might need on the lodges, camps and hotels where you will actually stay, including photos, prices, itineraries and reviews.

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General Info

For any other questions you may have, including information on what to take on safari, health precautions, when to travel and more.

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Contact Us

Contact us by 'phone, email or post.   Our experts are on hand to provide advice on all safari matters, no matter how trivial.  Getting in touch is the best way to get the information you need.

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My Safari

There is a lot of information on this website about all the lodges, parks, activities and itinerary possibilities that are involved with a safari in Kenya. That is why we have created the "My Safari" tool, which allows you to add your favourites to a wish list when planning your safari and browsing the site.

When you are happy with your choices you can then email the list to us for help putting your itinerary together or to friends and family to share your ideas - and the list will be saved for you for when you return to the KenyaAway website.

For more information and to view your selections, visit the My Safari page.


Planning Your Safari

Many people nowadays are accustomed to booking the various components of their holiday - flights, accommodation and so on - directly over the internet. However this is probably not a good idea in Africa, where internal flights and local ground transport need to be arranged, in addition to a possibly quite complex itinerary involving a number of accommodation providers.

KenyaAway pledges that, if booking through us, the cost that you will pay is no more than it would have been if you had indeed booked each element directly with the provider concerned - we derive our income solely from the conventional agents' commission that is made available to us.

How much will a Safari in Kenya cost me?

This is a difficult one! Kenya has become a byword for the type of cheap package safari holiday that, frankly, we are not interested in supplying. Although they may be cheap, they are actually quite often very poor value for money. At the other end of the spectrum lie very expensive and exclusive safari lodges that, again, don’t actually offer that great value for money.

As a company, though, we take pride in the fact that, throughout Africa, we have specialised in researching the widest possible range of safari accommodation and pricing. This means that we can now design a wonderful and worthwhile wildlife experience to suit virtually any reasonable budget, and which very definitely will provide excellent value for money.

Thus in Kenya we are able to offer you top quality all-inclusive safari accommodation that starts at around $XXXX per person per night, ranging to $XXXX per person per night for the most exclusive and luxurious lodges. Internal flights do add to the cost, but in general a budget of around $XXXX will get you a good quality 7 or 8 night safari for 2 people sharing, excluding international flights. You can spend less than that and you can certainly spend more!

Adding a beach holiday to your safari can help reduce costs because, although more flying is involved, beach hotels are generally cheaper than safari lodges as they do not include all the game-viewing activities. For more information on planning your budget, and good options for affordable safaris please contact us on 0121 472 1541.

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