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Many people like to conclude their safari holiday with a few days spent relaxing on an idyllic Indian Ocean beach. Unfortunately this is a combination that is difficult to obtain totally within Kenya itself. Although many of Kenya's beaches are indeed idyllic, in their own right, we - along with other honest observers - feel that they have been almost totally blighted by mass tourism.

For example, the classic beach, just south of Mombasa, is Diani Beach, a truly awe-inspiring stretch of sand. But, as a recent visitor has pointed out, it is virtually impossible to actually use the beach without being continuously harassed by vendors and the like. The coast north of Mombasa has begun to suffer in a similar way, and it is really only up in the Lamu Archipelago that any decent accommodation can be found - at a price.

We have extensively researched those places on the Kenyan coast that we are comfortable offering, but, frankly, would suggest instead that you hop over to the truly idyllic island destination of Zanzibar, just off the coast of neighbouring Tanzania.