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The Laikipia Plateau located more or less in the middle of Kenya, just to the north-west of Mount Kenya, covers an area of  9723 sq km (roughly half the size of Wales) at an altitude of between 1700 m and 2600 m. The reserve is wild and sparsely populated and is mainly covered with privately owned ranches.  It is dominated by acacia bush and large open grasslands with dense cedar and olive forest in the east. 

Its most famous region is undoubtedly Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, originally a cattle ranch, and which was set up in 1995 to minimize conflict between conservation and human settlement and to protect and encourage rhino. 

Being comprised mainly of savannah, wetland, grassland and forest, the area is Kenya’s greatest conservation success story over the last decade and is a wildlife sanctuary for many rare and endangered species.

In addition to wildlife activities, by day and night, the area offers walking, fishing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, camel and horse riding.