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Samburu Nature Reserve, which was opened in 1965, is one of Kenya's lesser-known parks, yet is teeming with wildlife. Located in the hot and arid lowlands just north of Mt Kenya, it is covered in mainly acacia woodland and scrubland and is the preferred home for some mammals such as Grevy’s zebra as well as the Beisa oryx, both species only found north of the equator and not in other parts of the country. 

Along the southern edge of Samburu is the Ewaso Nyiro River and south of this is Buffalo Springs Nature Reserve, which is made up mostly of riverine forest of acacia and doum palms. A bridge over the river links these two nature reserves. 

Samburu is home to the nomadic tribe of the same name, and who are second only to the Maasai in their interest and individuality. Many camps and lodges work closely with the Samburu people, and will, on request, arrange for you to visit one of their villages. A visit such as this will probably stay in your memory long after the big game sightings have faded.