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Game Viewing

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The main event on any safari - game drives - can be of mixed quality in Kenya. Viewing so-called wildlife that is massively habituated to the constant presence of visitors, in closed minivan-type vehicles, fighting to get your place in the queue, is not our idea of game viewing. However, with care, this can largely be avoided.

In general, thus, game drives are the main activity at most lodges in Kenya, and you will normally do two per day at these lodges. The first sets out just after dawn and lasts for three and a half to four hours, arriving back at the lodge in time for lunch. Your second drive will typically set off an hour or two before sunset, although most are required to be back before sundown, ruling out the opportunity for Night Drives.

Inevitably you will spend more time on such game drives than on doing anything else but they are also THE reason most people go on safari, and with good reason - the thrill of your first lion or wild dog sighting is not to be underestimated!