Lake Victoria

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Forming a natural boundary between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Lake Victoria lies at Kenya's far western frontier. The second largest fresh water lake in the world, at 70,000 sq km in area, Lake Victoria is rich in fish life, including large Nile perch. In fact the introduction of this ferocious species, some 50 years ago, although providing an enormous boon to fishing, at the same time led to over 300 endemic fish species being totally wiped out!.

At one time - although no longer - it was possible to travel between the above three countries that border the lake. Happily, and possibly as a result of this, Lake Victoria doesn't seem to attract the mass tourism that can so blight visting Kenya, and hence, like Lake Naivasha, is best regarded as a place to rest and unwind at the end of a hectic safari itinerary.

Indeed, our preferred destination here, rivalling an ocean-side beach destination, is actually Mfangano Island, situated in the lake's north eastern corner. This 50 sq km island has no roads at all, with just a few footpaths that traverse forests, hillsides and a few villages.

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