Tsavo (West and East)

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The Eastern section of Tsavo is generally considered to be the less scenic of the two, in addition to being largely the province of visitors from the mass tourism market of the Mombasa coast, shuttled here in fleets of minivans. Hence we have deliberately chosen to exclude this region from what we offer.

Tsavo West, on the other hand, is well worth a visit, this part of the park covering an area of 7065sq km and having a vast expanse of savannah stretching from the Nairobi road south to the Tanzania border.  Tsavo West has diverse habitats including rivers, forest, plains, lakes and wooded grassland , together with mountain forest on the adjoining Chyulu Hills National Park.  

The main attractions are the watering holes near Kilaguni and Ngulia lodges where a huge array of wildlife congregates in the dry season.  Near Kilaguni lodge is Mzima Springs where you will find hippos and crocs. There is an underwater viewing chamber here.  Also nearby is Shaitani lava flow and caves and the Ngulia Rhino sanctuary.

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