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Probably due to its long colonial heritage, Kenya is almost unique among African safari destinations (South Africa is the other) in offering a wide range of sporting activities to complement the basic game viewing experience.

Thus there is golf available in certain destinations (OK - not anywhere near South Africa's standard in this respect), together with quite a range of horse riding opportunities - not to mention camel riding as well.

Quite a few places offer the opportunity to rent a mountain bike for a few hours' leisurely exploration of the local area (where, hopefully, you won't need to discover whether a mountain bike is faster than a lion).

If you're feeling really energetic then there is the annual, and legendary, Safaricom Marathon, set in the fabulous Lewa wildlife conservancy area (yes, but can you run faster than a lion?).

Then there's white water rafting, sky diving and so on, if you're really determined to exert yourself out in Kenya.

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Image of Amboseliview


Probably Kenya’s second most visited game reserve, Amboseli contains an unusually wide variety of habitats and wildlife – in particular the majestic elephant.

Image of Kenya Beachesview


Combining a languorous beach holiday with the excitement of a game viewing safari must be the ultimate African holiday experience.

Image of Laikipiaview


Originally set up by the late David Craig as a Black Rhino sanctuary, Lewa has become one of Africa's most exciting centres of biodiversity, home to Grevy's Zebra, and Oryx.

Image of Lake Naivashaview


Lake Naivasha provides a haven of rest and relaxation in the middle of the hectic safari circuit, although rich in wildlife in its own right.

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